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Sheriff David W.L. Mizell
EOW: 21 February 1870
Orange County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff David W. L. Mizell
End of Watch: 21 February 1870

Sheriff Mizell was shot and killed after being ambushed while trying to settle a dispute over the sale of several head of cattle. Sheriff Mizell set out with his son and another man to locate the suspects. As they were crossing a stream they were ambushed and Sheriff Mizell was mortally wounded. As he lay dying in his son's arms he asked that his death not be avenged. Nevertheless, a posse was formed and captured the suspected triggerman. He was tied to a plowshare and tossed over the side of a boat. When he failed to sink the posse shot and killed him in a volley of rifle fire.
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Sheriff Mizell and his posse were at Bull Creek at the  Brevard/Orange county line when they were ambushed while tring to cross. The location is now known as "Mizell Ford" accroding to the book Forgotten Heroes: Police Officers Killed in Early Florida 1840-1925 by William Wilbanks. 

It was said that Sheriff Mizell died praying for the men that killed him. 

I'm not sure if he was in Brevard or Orange county when he was killed, but I am sure he was a Hero.